The future of digital nomads with the remote work culture

Let’s accept that COVID-19 has disrupted our daily lives, reshaped our ideas of how we work and social relationships. It has made us reflect a lot about our life and see what choices we have to adapt to the new normal. We will see a rise in digital nomads around the world.

It surely is tough times for most since a lot of people have lost their jobs or planning a new career. I see everyone upskilling to figure out what else they can do in life. 

This is creating two kinds of thinkers.  Survive or Grow. 

This is the time to make the choices. There is nothing right or wrong. Whichever you choose, you need a plan to find the balance back in life. 

As being a nomad myself for the last 10 years, I decided to write this blog for the future generation who aspires to experience the digital nomadic life. You know what, it’s a tough choice to make as your comfort zone will always delay the process. 

remote work digital nomads

I would advise a mandatory 30-day Digital Nomad life powered by WorkFromHub. They will ensure you have a hub well equipped with infrastructure that makes it work-ready and assures great reliability. All you need to do is make a decision. 

I see a lot of digital nomads are going to be born as a life skill is key for every individual. This 30 day will transform your life. It will be tough but it surely will teach you a lot. Also, WFHub gives you community benefits to meeting new people during your nomadic journey. 

While many employees are happy with just working from a home office, many are looking to expand their horizons and see the world as fully employed digital nomads.

Digital nomads are not new, but the pandemic was the tipping point that unexpectedly accelerated the trend. What was once a very niche population is slowly being regarded as a legitimate workforce. 

A lot of countries are considering to offer attractive campaign to let people visit their countries and also explore. And as the tide shifts, many businesses and countries are taking notice of this new reality.

Many businesses saw this once-frowned-upon option as their only way to survive a moment in history where the traditional office environment was unsafe.

You now need to find a reliable work space by the mountains, beaches , hill station , vineyard etc with like minded people to network and grow.

Take a leap of faith and explore. Share your nomadic journeys with me. Will be happy to share to the world.

Email to : chetan at gmail dot com.

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