Hello, world!

Welcome to my personal blog I call it , Growth Mindset

I finally made a decision to put my 33 years of life scribbling words on diaries to go digital. So I created my personal blog www.chetanyallapurkar.com – Growth Mindset

The purpose of this is, writing has given me an identity since I was 14 years. It started with writing letters to my parents weekly at residential school. Interest grew and I started to share my poems with the college students. That’s how my love for writing got so deep that I enjoyed writing poems, stories, brand idea tagline, etc. It felt liberated each time I put my thoughts on the paper.

So hereon, the laptop is my companion with whom I have decided to go on a journey to the digital world. All I need is internet and time to write each regularly.

Thus, I committed to writing regularly about various topics around Travel, Golf and Growth in life. So we stay connected through digital platform.

writing is my life journey
Growth and change are real.

Dear Readers,

Ever since I first wrote a letter to my parents, I felt I had a medium to express my thoughts. It was full of emotions in those letters. I felt I was connected with my parents through those letters. Soon, I ran out of words sharing painful experiences.

Later, I started sharing about friends, sports and everything happening day to day. So in a matter of few months I started sharing positive thoughts. I felt a better person by writing my thoughts. I now choose to do the same.

The power of writing can change lives of people. You can inspire someone by your words to take action and achieve success. To me that meant meaningful.

Do be part of my journey and my thoughts through this blog and let’s make writing really fun. Growth mindset is way of life.

Yours truly

Chetan Yallapurkar


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